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Introdution to RE Finance

22 November 2018

Jaime Pérez Luque
Associate Professor at ESCP Europe

Distressed Mortgage Debt

30 January 2019

Ignacio Meylán Toboso
Head of Institutional Sales at SAREB

On Wednesday 30th January, the Real Estate Association ESCP Europe hosted their first event at the Hospes Hotel Puerta de Alcala. The guest speaker was Ignacio Meylan Toboso, Head of Institutional Sales at SAREB. Ignacio explained to the 85 attendees how he shaped his career path and what his job at SAREB implied. SAREB is a company known as a ‘Bad Bank’ - an institution which isolates high risk and illiquid assets owned by banks. This made banks lighter in liabilities and more agile - thus boosting the trust in the Spanish economy. Besides the technical insights on the Spanish economy and the role of SAREB, Ignacio left us with two keys points which he expressly wanted to emphasise. The first is to maintain a learning capacity in order to learn from those around us. The second is to be passionate about what you do because only genuineinterest in a topic will drive you far enough to get where you want.

Investment Methods

27 February 2019

Carsten Czarnetzki
Portfolio Manager, AEW Executive Director of the Portfolio Management Team and Country Head Spain

Some attendees came to the event because of their interest in real estate; others because of their passion for the world of investments and M&A. Carsten’s talk on the overview of the real estate investment opportunities merged the audience by showing the real estators appreciate the financial aspects of investments in real estate, and more surprisingly showed investment lovers that real estate is more than a mere building and that their value and valuation goes beyond what the eye can see. His words were simple and effective, and thus captured and maintained the attention of the audience during his one-hour talk. During the networking session we had the opportunity to interact with Carsten to ask the final doubts and curiosities which we were not able to ask during the insightful Q&A. For REAS, it has been a real pleasure to host a professional and down-to-earth speaker such as Carsten.

Urban Design

27 March 2019

Francesca Heathcote Sapey
partner at Teresa Sapey architectural Studio in Madrid

Francesca explained us how it is possible to shape how people use spaces by focusing on urbanism. By using small scale interventions on the cities' landscape, it is possible to foster the engagement of people with the constructing sites, to promote education of people towards certain values, and to sustain the growth of new businesses.
Francesca showed us the new frontier of investing in public spaces not only with a focus on the end result: building temporary structures, leasing spaces to pop up locations and to small businesses can attract users earlier on to these areas.
By doing so, it is possible not only to start gaining an early profit, but also to give a boost to small emerging businesses and to create value for the people and the community.